If adventure travel is what allures you, Africa Anyway Safaris has what you have been looking for. Come with us to experience our beloved South Africa in all its cultural and natural wonder. Many travelers to South Africa are apprehensive at first, for one reason or another - most likely due to the mystique of our great country, and the fact that this place we call home is known world-wide as “The Dark Continent.” These apprehensions are quickly removed once here, as travelers learn that South Africa is home to many cosmopolitan cities full of tradition and rich with history.

Let us take you through our country to explore our beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges, dense jungles, and old world charm. You will experience first hand why South Africa is so often described as “A World With-in a Country.” Plan a few days in Kruger National Park exploring nearly two million hectares of natural splendor. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, and all stops in between, South Africa has something to leave every world traveler wide-eyed in wonderment.

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